The DE Dogs



9 year old Australian Shepherd

In his youth he was a trained cattle dog, working at local rodeos and cattle farms. After a life threatening injury he is happy working locally on our farm bringing in horses and living out his retirement.



8 year old Australian Shepherd

He is our tough as nails working dog.  Tracking and agility are strong skills for him! We are working towards certification to be a therapy dog in local hospitals!


3 year old Australian Shepherd

Sassy and classy. Enjoys rolling in poop but also likes to be pretty.  She also excels in agility and being the wing girl for Axel as a trained cattle dog!


7 year old Golden Doodle

Dorrie lives to swim and is in the water whenever she has a chance, no matter the temperature.  She loves making up new games and gets bored easily.  She’s a bit more pampered than our other review dogs living inside 24-7 and having a monstrous toy box.  She works several days a week visiting residents at a local skilled facility.


2 year old German Shepherd

He was rescued at 6 months old and after lots of training and socialization he is the guardian of the farm. Protection training and obedience are his areas of interest!
Mr. Bear

Brunello aka “Mr. Bear”

4 year old Australian Shepherd

Mr. Bear was born the perfect puppy, rarely doing anything wrong, never chewed on items he wasn’t suppose to, & rarely destroyed his toys. He seemed to be born mature & pretty mellow for an Aussie, thus he was named for a fine wine becaming “Mr. Bear” quickly. He loves puzzle toys, he can figure them out in record time. He has tremendous play & chase drive. He enjoys jogging, hiking, swimming & is a fetching machine.
IMG_7646 girl

Cubby aka “Baby Beast Mode”

1 year old Australian Shepherd

This is Mr. Bear’s 1yr old little sister. She was a tornado as a puppy, destroying everything in her path. She is high drive, with much more energy & intensity than Bear. Cubby can rip, tear, shred, disassemble, & destroy most toys labeled “for aggressive chewers”. She got the nickname “Baby Beast Mode” as a pup. She is a “put the world in your mouth” dog. Soft toys no matter how tough they are marketed as do not exist in Cubby’s home. They are for “special playtime” only, either in the backyard or as part of her agility training. Cubby attends agility training once a week. She also enjoys jogging, hiking, swimming, & hopes to compete in agility soon.