German Horse Muffin Review
8.3Overall Score
Taste/Horse Approval10

My review of the German Horse Muffin will be short and sweet.  These oversized, soft horse cookies have been a hit at the barn.  As you can see below, the individual cookies are enormous!  I usually take the cookies when they’re fresh and soft and cut them in half or quarters (or break them in half or quarters) so that they’re not so overwhelming and that it’s not so much sugar all at once.  I use them for carrot stretches, so I want to limit the sugar and let them go a long way.

German Horse Muffin Review

Once open, I find they do start to harden so either use them fresh or break them up to make them smaller if you have a horse with chewing issues.  They aren’t the healthiest horse cookies on the market, but they are a barn favorite.  They do have molasses so they’re not for insulin resistant horses, but for the other horses…well…they will thank you for buying them!