Asmar Ela Show Shirt Review
7.5Some quality control issues

The most beautiful show shirt in the world?  Here’s my review on Asmar Equestrian’s Ela Show Shirt.

This shirt is a beautiful design full of nice details, and it doesn’t lack for comfort.  The main body of the shirt is a soft, flowing fabric that gathers beautifully in the back when tucked in, but also looks incredible left out.  The stiffer fabric in the front and on the collar give the shirt a more formal feel under a show coat.  The collar lining gives a pop of color and contrast when left unbuttoned, and a very formal tailored look when buttoned.  The design is a bit more blousey than your average show shirt, which makes it stand out from the crowd.  It looks different from the front than the back in a good way.  The relaxed, feminine back is a bit of a surprise after the more tailored front.  Because of this, it transitions well for use outside of showing.

Asmar Ela Show Shirt Review   Asmar Ela Show Shirt Review   Asmar Ela Show Shirt Review

As mentioned above, it looks great under a show coat and works with or without a stock tie (it does have a stock tie loop).  It isn’t a good one for those “coats waived” days as it is sleeveless (but you can wear your coat more comfortably on hot days when you wear this shirt).  I wore it to a couple of shows this summer and didn’t need to take my jacket off (I prefer to show with the jacket on…even if it’s 100 degrees).

Asmar Ela Show Shirt Review

My only problem with this shirt is that the buttons all needed to be sewn back on after one wear (and one button came off at my first show wearing it…eek).  I am expecting that was a one-off odd problem for Asmar as they usually have such high quality products.  Their customer service is great too, as they offered to refund me store credit for the shirt because of the buttons if I desired (I turned it down as I really am happy with the shirt).   Other than the buttons, this shirt has held up through several washes and wears and is not staining as much as some of my other show shirts have.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Asmar again.