Dapplebay Clothing Company Review
6.32nd shirt much lower quality

I have two shirts from Dapplebay.  One I love and have had for a couple of years.  The other I just purchased recently after they reopened.  Their designs are clever and fantastic and I enjoy their creativity and style.  They have yet to design something I didn’t like.  However…the shirt quality isn’t exactly what it used to be.

Dapplebay Review

The shirt I have had for a while is their OTTB design.  This older version is beautifully done on a high quality shirt with a bit of ombre dying around the collar and sleeves.  It’s a beautiful T-shirt, even without the Dapplebay design on it.  It is a sturdy, but soft material.  It is a slim fit, and the sizing is about right for a shirt that is in this tapered style.  I ordered an extra large, as I don’t usually like my shirts super fitted, but with the design, it is still a flattering fit.  The Dapplebay label is printed on the shirt neck and the dye job on the shirt is beautiful.  The screen printing of the design on the shirt is very well done too.  It has not faded, cracked, peeled or in any way changed since I got it even after dozens of washes and wears.  This is one of my favorite shirts in my closet.

Dapplebay Review

I recently purchased another shirt from Dapplebay and I was super disappointed.  The quality of the T-shirt has decreased dramatically.  The new one is soft, but very thin and cheap looking.  It builds static badly and wrinkles easily.  It is not the beautiful tailored fit of the older shirts, but fits more like a straight, old fashioned t-shirt.  The sizing seems a little off, I ordered a large…and the large is actually bigger (wider) than the XL of their old shirt, even after washing and drying.  It is not a flattering fit and it does not lay well.  The design printed on the shirt is still great, however the actual print quality is significantly decreased as well.  The black part of the design was already faded to grey, and after one wash, it’s even more dull.  The shirt already looks older than the other one.   The nice printed Dapplebay label is gone and replaced with a tag from the company they purchased the t-shirts from.  I was not particularly happy with this shirt…and probably will not wear it much.  The sleeves are long and weird too.

Dapplebay Review  Dapplebay Review

It is clear from the side by side photos that the printing quality is much better on the old shirt than the new shirt…and I think the photos of the shirts on speak for themselves.

Dapplebay Review

I understand the need to be cost effective when making a product, but not at the expense of cheapening it so much that people don’t want to wear it.  For a $28 t-shirt, I expect better quality (I’ve gotten better quality at Kohls for less than $10!).  I love the designs of Dapplebay, but if they do not improve their t-shirt quality, I will not be ordering from them again.  If you would like to check out Dapplebay’s designs or purchase something, you can find them here.