Repel-X Fly Spray Review
8.1Overall Score

Repel-X Fly Spray has been around a long time.  It was first released in 1957 – before our namesake Decidedly was born.  Fifty-seven Kentucky Derby winners may have (or may not have) had this product sprayed on them.  In a time when new products are released almost daily and items become discontinued so quickly, it is truly amazing to find a product that has lasted.

Do know why this stuff has made it 57 years on the market?  It works.

This stuff kills flies.  With a direct spray to a fly, you can watch the fly almost immediately start to struggle for life (if the fly sticks around for you to watch).  Repel-X also does a decent job on ticks.  It is a rare day I find a live tick on one of my horses after I ride.  Most of them are dead by the time I have gotten around to a post ride groom if there are any at all.

Like most “fly sprays” Repel-X doesn’t repel flies for very long.   You have apply a lot and often.  It smells bad, burns if it gets in your eyes, may or may not cause cancer, and tastes horrible.*  But so be it.

I use this stuff constantly.  Every time I have tried to go to a different product or go more natural, I am always disappointed.  I am willing to try new products, but when I find something that works I tend to go back to it again and again.

Repel-X can be purchased in a variation of sizes and either ready to use or in concentrate form.

*I don’t know one person that uses fly spray that doesn’t somehow manage to get some of it in their mouth…if you’ve managed to figure out an application method that keeps this product from your skin, eyes, nose and mouth…I’d love to hear about it.